Pastors Bobby and Lisa Nixon

Bobby's bio

Where did I come from?:  South Texas all the way (born in Houston, graduated in Carrizo Springs, got married in San Antonio and reside in La Vernia).

How long I’ve been with Hope:  Since its conception (literally).

Primary area of ministry:  Lead Pastor

Training and experience:  Although I can answer this question with over 20 years of ministry experience and a laundry list of schools, credentials, studies, trainings and prior ministry positions, I’d like to give credit to three amazing people who have been my mentors and friends:  my father and my grandfathers.

Things I can't live without:  God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. And probably coffee.

Family info:  I am married to a born again, Spirit-filled leader who is also my best friend Lisa, and we have an amazing daughter Abigail (means "father’s joy") who makes Hell nervous.

Favorite food:  Breakfast foods, especially pancakes and waffles and plenty of hot coffee.

Favorite movies:  Jeremiah Johnson

Most embarrassing moment:  While performing a wedding I dropped the groom’s ring which bounced several times away on a concrete floor…not good.

Most fun memory:  The first time I held my daughter…I couldn’t keep my eyes off her!

Favorite pastimes:  Playing golf, eating great food and drinking coffee.

Favorite Scripture:  Genesis 1:28 and 1 John 5:14

Favorite family tradition:  Waffles with the family on Thanksgiving morning with plenty of…you guessed it…coffee!

Favorite style of music:  Prayerful worship

Favorite sport:  I love to play golf, watch baseball and drink coffee (yes, I just suggested that drinking coffee is a sport.)

Favorite team:  Rangers and Astros – I’ll narrow it down when they play each other during the World Series.

You may not know this about me:  This will shock many of you, but I love coffee! That, and I rode bulls in college but I’m sure the coffee news is more surprising.

Lisa's bio

Where did I come from?:  San Antonio, Texas

How long I’ve been with Hope:  Since its conception (literally).

Primary area of ministry:  Co-Pastor and Nursery

Training and experience:  Over 20 years ministry experience with youth, children and (since 2002) church planting. Additionally I am a Speech Language Pathologist, having earned my Bachelors and Masters degrees in Communications Sciences and Disorders

Things I can't live without:  God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit

Family info:  I am married to Bobby, a wonderful man of God who strives to be Spirit-led, and we have our daughter Abigail who has chosen God as her passion

Favorite food:  Pizza!

Favorite movies:  Mr. Holland’s Opus, A Beautiful Mind, and The Sound of Music

Most embarrassing moment:  I do stuff all the time that is embarrassing!

Most fun memory:  Our family vacation to New York

Favorite pastimes:  Sleeping in late on Saturdays

Favorite Scripture:  Psalm 121

Favorite family tradition:  Saturday morning pancakes with my family – Bobby makes amazing chocolate chip pecan pancakes topped with blueberry pie filling and vegan whipped cream!

Favorite style of music:  Christian Pop, Rock and Worship

Favorite sport:  Without a doubt, shopping 

You may not know this about me:  I used to be a pescatarian.

Lead Pastors

Belinda Haddock

Associate Pastor
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Belinda's bio

Where did I come from? Mexico City, Mexico

How long I’ve been with Hope:  Technically since May 2007, but a little piece of me has been with Hope since its birth in 2002.

Primary area of ministry:  Communications and Missions Pastor and Office Manager (apparently I drew the straw for the longest ministry title).

Training and experience:  Serving in various ministry responsibilities since 1991, leading local and international missions trips and becoming a credentialed minister in 2010, Bachelor of Business Administration University of Texas at Austin and Marcom experience at Commemorative Brands, Inc. and Advanced Micro Devices.

Things I can't live without:  My iPhone, a restaurant jacket and a purse with compartments out the wazoo to best organize my life (and yet I still lose my keys in there).

Family info:  The most amazing man on the planet my husband Craig, incredible grown son Johnathon and our miracle child Ferris (aka The Bean).

Favorite food:  Yes… Oh, you mean narrow it down? Just about any kind of Asian food, authentic interior Mexican food and bread. I really like bread.

Favorite movies: Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Some Kind of Wonderful, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (Gene Wilder version), and the Toy Story trilogy.

Most embarrassing moment: Discovering my skirt was tucked into my panty hose in the back after coming back from the restroom in a diner while on a date. Nice.

Most fun memory: Cruise vacation with Craig and all the frequent times we get together with family. Love my family!

Favorite pastimes: Family time, exploring new places, reading, and having a great do-nothing day.

Favorite Scripture: “For I live in eager expectation and hope that I will never do anything that causes me shame, but that I will always be bold for Christ, as I have been in the past, and that my life will always honor Christ, whether I live or I die.” Philippians 1:20 NLT

Favorite family tradition: National Chilaquiles Day (my sister and I invented it), Christmas with all the Fords and Haddocks together (did I mention I love my family?) and Thanksgiving at my Aunt Susie’s.

Favorite style of music: I have hip hop/rap still in my blood since my youth. LOVE TobyMac, Grits and KJ-52, but I also enjoy rock type worship like Hillsong United and of course the Hope Worship Team!

Favorite sport:I have a love-hate relationship with CrossFit, and I like to watch Longhorn football on occasion.

Favorite team: Texas Longhorns and whatever team our son Johnathon coaches, so go Abilene Cooper High School Coogs!

You may not know this about me: At random moments, the word “pickle” pops into my head. I don’t know what that means, but maybe someone reading this will…pickle…see what I mean?

Mike & Cindy Rogers

Pastoral Care Pastors
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Mike's bio

Where did I come from? Santa Rosa Hospital in San Antonio.

How long I’ve been with Hope:  Since its birth.

Primary area of ministry:  Pastoral Care/children's/Bible study/Intercessory prayer.

Training and experience:  Pettus HS 1959, Del Mar College Corpus in 1960, 24 times thru the Bible.

Things I can't live without:  The Holy Spirit, God's presence, God's Word, Praying friends, Wife Cindy.

Family info:  Two wonderful adult daughters and 5 wonderful grandchildren with which they have gifted me. Two step daughters via Cindy.

Favorite food:  Ribeye medium rare, baked potato (loaded), salad with Thousand Island dressing, Iced tea!

Favorite movies:  Master and Commander with Russell Crowe.

Most embarrassing moment:  Broke same bone in both feet two days apart.

Most fun memory:  Getting my first guitar at age 12.

Favorite pastimes:  Soaking in God's presence, antiquing, finding craftsman-style homes, long drives with Cindy.

Favorite Scripture: Isaiah 50:4 and my goal scripture is John 17:4.

Favorite family tradition:  Fellowship especially accompanied with family-style food.

Favorite style of music: Jazz guitar with lead-note played in each chord.

Favorite sport: Personal is bowling, professional is basketball.

Favorite team: Spurs of course.

You may not know this about me: I was the guidon bearer in the honor guard at Kagnew Station in Ethiopia and I got to meet His Imperial Majesty Haile Sellasie, who was claimed to be in the direct lineage of King Solomon and The Queen of Sheba.

Cindy's bio

Where did I come from?:  Justin and Dorothy Pate, Houston TX mostly.

How long I’ve been with Hope:  Since the beginning.

Primary area of ministry:  Assisting my husband in Pastoral Care and Bible studies, children's ministries.

Training and experience:  Various church oriented training in Sunday School, Missionettes, Royal Rangers, Children's church, etc.

Things I can't live without:  Chocolate.

Family info:  Married to Mike Rogers for 10 years, 2 great daughters and 2 step daughters.

Favorite food:  Chocolate and Fried Chicken.

Favorite movies:  Arsenic and Old Lace with Cary Grant.

Most embarrassing moment:  When the flasher ran across the field at the very moment I was receiving my HS diploma.

Favorite pastimes:  Reading, gardening.

Favorite Scripture:  Psalm 25:14 and Micah 7:18, can't choose between them.

Favorite family tradition:  Driving thru town at Christmas and rating the Christmas decorations.

Favorite style of music:  Jazz, classical.

Favorite sport:  Basketball.

Favorite team:  Spurs.

You may not know this about me:  I climbed down in a sewer drain and was trapped there for a while (When I was in first grade).

Stephanie Sweat

Children's Pastor
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Stephanie's bio

Where did I come from? I was born in San Antonio, Texas, and lived there most of my life. I feel very blessed that my parents served the Lord all my life and raised me in church. I gave my heart to the Lord at a very early age.

How long I’ve been with Hope:  We are very glad that we have been a part of Hope since the beginning in August 2002.

Primary area of ministry:  Children’s Ministry.

Training and experience:  I have been in Children’s Ministry since 1993. I graduated in 2000 from Southwestern A/G University, with a degree in Counseling and Psychology. I taught for 8 years in Dallas ISD and East Central ISD with students in grades Kinder – 4th including those with special needs.

Things I can't live without:  Jesus, my husband, family, working with kids of all ages and CHOCOLATE!!! – ice cream, cookies, candy bars!!

Family info:  My husband and I were married in 2006. We have two daughters Madeline Charlotte Grace and Darby Elisabeth Anne.

Favorite food:  I love AsiaKitchen – Thai food (really only 5 things on the menu!). Shogun and Cheesecake Factory are my favorites! But I also really love pizza from just about anywhere.

Most fun memory: Taking vacations with my family when I was little and now with my husband and girls!

Favorite pastimes: Shopping!!

Favorite Scripture: Jeremiah 29:11.

Favorite sport: I enjoy playing volleyball.

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